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We Are The Best Concealer for Scars

If you have minor or severe scarring, and would like to conceal your scars, Microskin is here to help. Opaque, long-lasting and natural, this liquid cosmetic can cover any scar you may have. Microskin is also the best concealer for scars because of the custom scar makeup we give to you. It is an exact […]

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How to Cover Up Skin Conditions With Microskin – A Guide

When figuring out how to cover up skin conditions, the main concern is the product you use. There are so many options out there, but when you are dealing with a really serious skin condition such as vitiligo or burns, lots of cosmetics fall short. Microskin is unlike many concealing cosmetics because it is long-wearing, […]

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Corrective Cosmetics – What Exactly Can They Do For You?

  Corrective cosmetics are popping up alot these days. But if you truly want to correct your skin using cosmetics, try a consultation with Microskin. Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, not only corrects an array of skin condtions ranging from birth marks to burns, but we provide a product that goes above and beyond many of […]

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