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How to Hide Vitiligo on Your Face With Microskin

If you ever were concerned about hiding vitiligo on your face, Microskin is here to help. With our revolutionary product, hiding vitiligo has never been easier. Microskin is a realistic, natural looking liquid cosmetic that is completely customizable. Microskin technicians scan your healthy skin that has no signs of the vitiligo to get your perfect […]

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How to Hide Burns on Your Face Using Microskin Products

Facial burns can be embarrassing and hinder you from doing a lot. Many department and drugstore brands are simply not strong enough to do the trick. Microskin is a different form of cosmetic, ideal for helping you to hide burns on your face. Microskin is a lightweight liquid cosmetic; opaque enough to hide any burns […]

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Camouflage Makeup For Vitiligo, Burns, Scars and Birthmarks

Can you imagine a perfect camouflage makeup for vitiligo, burns, scars and birthmarks that actually works? Well, you can stop imagining since it exists and it’s here! Microskin is the waterproof camouflage makeup that doesn’t rub off that can be used to conceal most skin imperfections such as vitiligo, burns, scars and birthmarks! It works […]

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