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What Makes The Best Camouflaging Makeup

Camouflage makeup that is completely opaque while looking natural is hard to come by. Many camouflage makeups look cakey, noticeable and thick. Microskin, a lightweight liquid cosmetic, is the exception. Aside from being a breathable makeup to hide imperfections ranging anywhere from stretch marks to burns, it is also a custom cosmetic.   At your […]

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The Best Camouflage Makeup

Have you been looking for the best camouflage makeup? Microskin, although it is not technically considered a “makeup” (in a good way), is the best camouflaging product that is available today. It’s widely used to help camouflage skin conditions such as scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, eczema, rosacea, tattoos and just about anything else that you can […]

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