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Are All Camouflage Cosmetics The Same?

Microskin is the leader in camouflage cosmetics. We address every skin condition under the sun, from stretch marks, vitiligo, scars, tattoo cover up and anything else you can think of. In any case, we here at Microskin want to help you conceal skin conditions, and we do this by giving you a unique liquid camouflage […]

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How to Cover Up Skin Conditions With Microskin – A Guide

When figuring out how to cover up skin conditions, the main concern is the product you use. There are so many options out there, but when you are dealing with a really serious skin condition such as vitiligo or burns, lots of cosmetics fall short. Microskin is unlike many concealing cosmetics because it is long-wearing, […]

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Microskin Is Everyone’s Favorite Camouflage Makeup

With such skin conditions as eczema, rosacea, burns, scarring, birthmarks and vitiligo, just to name a few, so many people like you are in search of a miracle product. Microskin might just be the product you are looking for. With Microskin, we can conceal almost any skin condition you throw at us. Microskin is a […]

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