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Microskin As A Cosmetic Camouflage for Vitiligo

Suffering from vitiligo can be very difficult and challenging. Whether you have minimal vitiligo or vitiligo everywhere, you will probably want a heavy duty cosmetic to try and cover up your vitiligo. Finding the right product can be very difficult but Microskin promises to hide your vitiligo completely. What Microskin does is that they take […]

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How To Cover Vitiligo Easily With Microskin’s Second Skin

When presented with having vitiligo, the first thought might be, how do I cover it up? Commercial makeup will not be effective in this quest, because it is not nearly pigmented enough to cover up vitiligo. You need a specialized, custom-blended makeup. Enter Microskin, a medical-grade cosmetic that can help. We here at Microskin are […]

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