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We Are The Best Concealer for Scars

If you have minor or severe scarring, and would like to conceal your scars, Microskin is here to help. Opaque, long-lasting and natural, this liquid cosmetic can cover any scar you may have. Microskin is also the best concealer for scars because of the custom scar makeup we give to you. It is an exact […]

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Buying Makeup to Cover Scars Just Got Easier With Microskin

Covering up scars with makeup can be tricky, but Microskin is here to help. Gone are the days of struggling to color match your scar to most makeup, and never finding the appropriate color. We here at Microskin are empathetic and understand the hastle in buying makeup to cover scars. During your consultation at Microskin, […]

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How to Cover and Conceal Different Types of Scars With Microskin

Microskin is actually able to help cover, conceal and hide all different types of scars. If you have any questions regarding the ability of Microskin to cover your own scar, then please feel free to contact us or send us a picture of your scar to info@microskincenter.com. You can also call us directly with any […]

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