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Makeup For Vitiligo Cover Up

When it comes to covering vitiligo with makeup, you should know that all products aren’t created equally. The majority of clients that we see in our clinic have tried all sorts of various vitiligo cover ups and have been disheartened. The different products available on the product are really all just the same thing and […]

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Microskin Is The Best Waterproof Vitiligo Makeup

Even the most highly regarded makeup is going to disappear by the end of the day, or worse, in a few hours. Finding a waterproof makeup to hide vitiligo is challenging, but Microskin is here to assist you. One of the only of its kind, Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, is a waterproof vitiligo makeup that […]

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Microskin – Vitiligo Treatment 2013

Microskin is known for concealing a lot of various skin ailments, but we are best known for our vitiligo treatment! Microskin is not a medical treatment or cure for vitiligo. However it is a great option to conceal your vitiligo while you seek medical assistance. There is a YouTube video of the a girl praising […]

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