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A Non-gender Coverup For All Skins : Microskin

Many of us have been through tougher physical times than others, which has left us with permanent or temporary scars, or marks from an accident. Yes, we all want to conceal one or the other type of spot or mark because ‘perfection’ is what we endeavor, sometimes.

While most of us use makeup as a skin color corrector, without considering the high risk that makeup may impact on their skin. Another deception to this measure is that makeup is known, authentically, as a women’s beauty product, which can separate the possibility of men using this method to hide any scar that is making them conscious or nervous sometimes. But that should not be the case; hence at Microskin, we provide a solution to every person,  irrespective of their gender. Either it’s men or women if there is any blemish you wish to hide from the sight of the world, this product can be an ideal solution.

We offer a cosmetic cover-up which can be used to camouflage (or hide, or conceal) the appearance of skin discoloration due to skin conditions. Our product is nothing like other camouflage products that are available in the market. Microskin solution is a simulated second skin which is formulated individually to color correct any skin condition. Skin problems like burns to cafe au lait spots, dark circles to hyperpigmentation can be covered up completely with our product.

If you are not feeling ready to use any products for a cover-up, we have a few factors about how covering up is not such a bad idea and how you can go about it:

# 1: Boosted Confidence

Yes, sometimes we count these marks as a few flaws that we wish to hide. With the liquidized application, your epidermis (upper layer of skin) will look flawless. It would conceal your spots and result in clear skin. When one looks best in their own eyes, they feel confident. It could help you give a positive outlook on life.

With confidence, you can achieve many things in life. For instance, you had an important interview for which you were scared about how the first impression would go? Maybe you are afraid if a mark on your face would leave a wrong impression?

If that is the case, then try microskin to solve this problem.

# 2: Made Just For You!

People keep trying something new form the plethora of camouflage product options that are available in the market right now. They are made from harmful chemical laden makeup that tends to clog pores and cause skin damages. However, while using Mircroskin, you can be worry free of any such consequences since our product is formulated individually to color correct skin conditions. Since your regular skin discoloration treatment might take a while to show results. Meanwhile, there is a possibility that in order to get instant cover-up you might end up spending a substantial amount of money on makeup and also might end up damaging your own skin. Instead of that, we’d suggest you take something that is a safer makeup option for your skin, something that would cover as well as safeguard your precious skin against all pollution and other environmental factors.  

Mircoskin would nourish and protect your skin, along with covering any marks or skin discoloration you feel is a flaw. This would lead you to a better skin tone & texture. You can get a customized solution for our product from our website here, tailor-made according to the specific problem you have, correspondent to the skin tone.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry to attain the natural look anymore. You can visit our New York office for a meeting with our consultant. Once you get to know what product is most suitable for your condition, you will be able to make a future online payment. Click this link for more information.

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