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A Quick Brief – What Is Microskin and How Does Microskin Work?

By December 3, 2011No Comments

Ever since Microskin has been featured on primetime and popular TV shows such as Dr. Oz, ABC News, CBS News and The Doctors, everybody wants to know who and what Microskin is and what they have to offer. Microskin originally started in Australia and has now opened facilities in New York City. They are the creators of an innovative new technology that works to cover up skin abnormalities of all sort.

Microskin as a product is a liquidized solution containing pigments that precisely match the skin tone of its clients and is applied directly to the top layer of the skin in order to camouflage what’s there. There is currently nothing else in the world like this and it is something that is unique only to Microskin’s offices and facilities in New York City, Australia and Pasadena California (As of early 2012).

Before you can begin using this product you will currently have to schedule an appointment with one of their offices so that they may take an imprint of your skin and keep it on file. This serves two purposes. The first is that they know exactly how to mix your color so that it applies and looks flawless and secondly so that you can reorder the product without having to keep returning to their facilities.

Your first application can be done in their offices and each subsequent application can be done at home by yourself either with a stipple brush or an airbrush. The stipple brush method is ideal for applying Microskin to small areas of skin while the airbrush method is best when used to apply Microskin to larger areas of the skin. The technicians at Microskin are more then happily able to instruct their clients on how to do this themselves.

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