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Best Coverup Makeup That Doesn’t Rub Off Is Microskin

By October 30, 20122 Comments

Longevity in cosmetics is important, and it is equally important that you get the best coverup makeup that doesn’t rub off. Most makeup gets on clothes, fabrics, even your loved ones. Sometimes the stain is very difficult to remove, and requires you to throw out the article of clothing in question. Microskin, a highly pigmented liquid cosmetic, does not budge. If you are looking to conceal scars, tattoos, burns, vitiligo, etc., and use a lasting cosmetic, Microskin can do wonders for you.

Best Coverup Makeup That Doesn’t Rub Off

This makeup that won’t rub off is also waterproof. Yes, you can shower and bathe without worry that Microskin will run off. Re-application of the cosmetic is minimal, because Microskin can wear from a few days to almost an entire week. On drier areas, such as a burn or less oily skin, it can and will last up to a full week. To remove Microskin, you are supplied with an alcohol-based remover. It will not come off with friction or water, so you must use the remover to get rid of it. It’s truly a long-wearing makeup, in every sense of the word.
The entire process starts off with a trained Microskin technician that will produce an exact skin-tone match for you, making for a smooth looking transition from normal skin to the problematic areas. Microskin creates almost a barrier to the affected area, so much so it is a flawless looking second skin. Once applied using either a stipple brush for smaller areas, or an airbrush for larger areas, Microskin will not shift and go anywhere. All of your expensive fabrics, couches, sheets, and clothes will be saved, thanks to Microskin, the makeup that doesn’t rub off on clothes. On top of not budging, the result is perfect looking skin. In our Before and After gallery, we have visible demonstrations of tough skin conditions that has been expertly covered up. Please take a moment to look through them 🙂


  • Wanda Campbell says:

    Where in Washington, DC can I get this makeup?

  • Microskin says:

    Hi Wanda,
    Unfortunately we only have offices that offer Microskin for sale in NYC and California at this time. However, if you give us a call at 212-779-4000, we can add you to a list so that if we ever host one of our traveling clinics in Washington, DC, we’ll call you and let you know!

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