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How To Cover Vitiligo Easily With Microskin’s Second Skin

By October 31, 20122 Comments

When presented with having vitiligo, the first thought might be, how do I cover it up? Commercial makeup will not be effective in this quest, because it is not nearly pigmented enough to cover up vitiligo. You need a specialized, custom-blended makeup. Enter Microskin, a medical-grade cosmetic that can help. We here at Microskin are dedicated to help you conceal your vitiligo, but Microskin is not a treatment or cure. Instead, it is a wonderful alternative to help you fully hide vitiligo while you seek medical treatment.

How To Cover Vitiligo Easily

We at Microskin are the leaders in vitiligo makeup. During your first consultation, a trained technician takes your healthy skin tone and analyzes it to create an exact shade match for the liquid makeup. After a non-invasive and painless procedure, you have your own shade of liquid cosmetic. In understanding how to cover up vitiligo with Microskin, there are two ways:

  • the stippling technique: Commonly used for smaller areas, you take a stippling brush and apply Microskin on the area affected with vitiligo.
  • the airbrush technique: Instead of a brush that could take awhile on a larger area, you use a precise airbrush tool that sprays the cosmetic on the skin.

Once applied, in no time it is dry. Microskin is long-wearing, ranging from a few days up to a week. Typically Microskin lasts up to a week on drier areas of the skin, where less oil forms. Microskin can be used on any area of the body too. If you have vitiligo on your stomach or a typically clothed area, it will not rub off onto clothes. No need to worry about the product coming off in the shower or during swimming either, as Microskin is waterproof. Completely budge-proof, the only way to remove it is with a special cleanser we give you.
Contact us today to set up an appointment! Microskin is simply the best vitiligo makeup on the market.


  • Diana Sehenuk says:

    I live in Georgia and am not sure this would be a problem but am very interested in this

  • Microskin says:

    Hi Diana,
    We currently only have offices in NYC and California but we recommend calling our office at 212-779-4000 and leaving your name with us.
    Because we sometimes run traveling clinics and if we happen to run one close to you we can call and let you know!
    Thanks for your interest!

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