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When you are looking how to hide burn marks fast, the average makeup usually does not fit the bill. Most likely the makeup is not pigmented enough, or it is too overbearing to put on top of a burn. However, a liquid cosmetic product called Microskin is here to help you hide burn marks fast. In being lightweight and heavy on concealing burns, this cosmetic is unbeatable.

How to Hide Burn Marks Fast

The richly pigmented Microskin is a personalized cosmetic. We scan a bit of your healthy skin tone (a totally harmless and non-invasive scan), and we custom make you your burn concealing makeup. It is a perfect match, so once you apply it using either of our two methods, it will completely get rid of burn marks. You can apply Microskin in one of two ways.
*the airbrush method: This is generally ideal for bigger areas of the body. You use an airbrush machine to spray on your new liquid skin.
*the stippling method: Best for smaller areas of the body, you take a stippling sponge and apply Microskin to the exact location you want to camouflage burn marks.
Once Microskin is on, it will last for up to a week. Microskin is great for burns, because burns are generally drier than other types of skin. The drier the skin yields even more long-lasting results. You can bathe and shower normally with Microskin on, as it is waterproof. You can even exercise and wear clothes freely without worry, as Microskin is sweat-proof and budge-resistant as well. It will not come off on fabrics or other people you come into contact with.
How realistic Microskin looks and behaves is what sets it apart. It looks like a “second skin”, and it behaves like skin as well. It moves with you, all while totally concealing burn marks. Please call us today for a consultation, or e-mail us with any┬áinquires.

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