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Birthmarks are something totally out of our control. We are born with them, and most of us have them. However for some, birthmarks can be rather large and visible, making them embarrassing to you. If you would like to conceal birthmarks completely, Microskin is the best birthmark coverup possible. Completely customizable, Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that is suited for you specifically. There is no more trying to find your perfect coverup shade– Microskin is an exact match for it, and is a great makeup to hide birthmarks.
We do this by scanning your unblemished skin, and getting a copy of your skintone. Once we have your skintone, we can custom-blend your very own Microskin. The cosmetic is more of a second skin once applied. It moves with you, and looks like your very own skin. No trace of a cakey or thick appearance. To conceal a birthmark using Microskin, you have two options. The first is using a stippling sponge to apply the Microskin, and the second is an airbrush machine that mists Microskin out. Typically the stippling method is best for smaller areas, and the airbrush method is best for bigger areas on the body. Your “second skin” dries quickly, so there is no need to wait around for a long drying period.
The amazing coverage Microskin gives is also long-wearing, making it the best birthmark coverup. Microskin can last anywhere from a few days to up to a whole week. Getting rid of birthmarks has never been so simple and durable. Microskin is waterproof, meaning you can sweat, get caught in the rain, and bathe like normal without encountering a streaky mess. To remove Microskin, you will use our alcohol-based remover to get it off. Normal soap and water will not remove the product. If you would like to hide birthmarks once and for all, please call Microskin for a consultation!

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