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When dealing with vitiligo, you may feel overwhelmed if you have it widespread on your body. Even dealing with a little bit of vitiligo can be a very difficult experience. Luckily, you can get rid of vitiligo fast with Simulated Skin. Simulated Skin is a liquid cosmetic that can help you get rid of vitiligo.
Simulated Skin hides vitiligo so well because it is expertly matched to your healthy skintone. A trained technican scans your good skin and creates an exact dupe for your skintone in cosmetic form. Once this cosmetic is applied, it completely covers any vitiligo in sight. While Simulated Skin is not a medical treatment for vitiligo, it can aide you in concealing and hiding vitiligo. Simulated Skin is a lightweight, highly pigmented cosmetic. So lightweight in fact that your skin underneath is able to breathe and not be suffocated by makeup.
To apply Simulated Skin to a larger area affected with vitiligo, you can use our airbrushing technique. You use an airbrush machine to spray a fine mist of the cosmetic onto the area. For smaller sections of affected skin, we recommend using the stippling technique. You apply it with a stippling sponge onto the skin. It is that easy in using Simulated Skin! The end results you get are highly natural looking, so much so we like to call it a second skin of sorts. This second skin looks, moves and feels just like normal skin. Waterproof and sweatproof, Simulated Skin is the best option to conceal vitiligo. You can exercise, shower, anything, Simulated Skin can last upwards to a week on skin. To remove Simulated Skin, you can use an alcohol-based cleanser that we will provide for you.
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