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Finding the best tattoo camo available can be difficult.  Some options are not full coverage, or they do not last all day. However, Microskin is the best option.  With it’s opaque coverage and long-lasting results, Microskin is the best tattoo camo on the market. Whether you are hiding your tattoos for a big event such as a wedding, or to be more professional for a job, Microskin has you covered.

The Best Tattoo Camo

Microskin gives you personalized service. We scan your skintone to match your unmarked skin, and the finished result is a unique tone just for you to use.  So when applied, you can cover an tattoo, big or small, regardless of color. To apply Microskin, you can sue it one of two ways. You can use either the stippling method,  in which you apply Microskin with a stippling brush. Or you can use it with the airbrush method, which is typically used for larger tattoos. You use an airbrush machine to spray a fine mist of Microskin.
When Microskin is applied to conceal tattoos, the results are long-lasting due to it being waterproof. You can shower, perspire or swim with the Microskin applied. That is especially a good thing if you are going to be on a beach or dancing all night at a wedding! Another positive is that aside from being waterproof, it is budgeproof as well. Microskin will not rub off on clothes or fabrics. It can last up as long as a week as well. So whether you want to use Microskin for only a few hours or as a permanent tattoo eraser, you can remove Microskin by using our special alcohol-based remover.
If you are interested in the best way to hide your tattoos, please contact us at Microskin by calling or e-mailing us.

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