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Acne given any age is embarrassing and unbearable to deal with. Many acne cover ups claim to be light and invisible to the eye but end up looking very heavy and obvious. They are also usually pore-clogging and end up causing more harm than good. Tired of that struggle with trying to coverup acne? I introduce to you Microskin.
Microskin is unlike any other acne makeup on the market. It is a liquid cosmetic that acts more like a second skin than any makeup could ever promise to do. It is lightweight enough that the pores do not get clogged with heavy makeup and instead Microskin allows your skin to breathe, all while concealing acne with its dense pigments.
Matching your skin tone has never been easier either. Microskin is completely customizable and upon your consultation, we scan your unblemished skin to gather your color. We then blend your makeup and figure out the best way to apply it. There are two methods:
-Stippling technique: This is best for small areas riddled with acne. You apply Microskin using a small brush and dab it onto the affected areas.
-Airbrush technique: Using an airbrush machine, you spray Microskin onto your skin. This is best for larger areas of acne.
Removing Microskin is also extremely simple. We provide for you a special cleanser to remove your new second skin whenever you would like. Normal soap and water will simply not do the trick. This gives you options on when you would like to camouflage acne.
We have offices based in New York and California, and you can contact us by e-mail for any other inquiries.

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