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If you ever were concerned about hiding vitiligo on your face, Microskin is here to help. With our revolutionary product, hiding vitiligo has never been easier. Microskin is a realistic, natural looking liquid cosmetic that is completely customizable.
Microskin technicians scan your healthy skin that has no signs of the vitiligo to get your perfect shade match. Once the scan is done, you receive your completely unique shade of liquid cosmetic that blends seamlessly onto your face and camouflages vitiligo.
Blending right into your skin and being so lightweight, you would think Microskin is not a durable product. But you can actually sweat and bathe with the product on.
Since the vitiligo is on your face, the most important part is that it looks natural and non-cakey. Microskin is so lightweight, many have compared it to a second skin. Applying this revolutionary cosmetic is easy as well. There are two methods: one is the stippling method, in which you use a small brush to stipple Microskin on your face. The other is the airbrush technique, which is ideal for larger areas and more severe discolorations.
Check out our before & after section, and give us a call at our New York or California offices!

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