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Birthmarks can range from small to unsightly large ones, and either way there isn’t a whole lot you can do about them. You were born with them, and are trying to find a product that can conceal birthmarks. Birthmark concealer is certainly not easy to come across, but luckily Microskin is here to help you.
Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that acts more like a second skin than an actual makeup. It is pigmented enough to hide birthmarks, but is also lightweight and it appears as if you have nothing on. Hiding birthmarks has never been simpler.
100% custom, Microskin matches your skintone exactly. A simple scan of your healthy skin will provide us with an image of your tone, and we then make you your very own cosmetic to take home. You can apply Microskin with a stippling brush or an airbrush machine. The stippling brush is best for smaller areas and Microskin is applied with a brush in dabbing motions. An airbrush machine is ideal for larger birthmarks, and is misted onto the skin using an airbrush machine we provide for you.
Lightweight and breathable, Microskin is also a very durable birthmark concealer. It is waterproof and sweatproof, so you can rest easy that it isn’t going to fade or end up somewhere it isn’t supposed to be.
For examples of how Microskin can benefit you, please visit our Before & After gallery.

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