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Finding a natural-looking and opaque makeup to hide scars can be daunting. Drugstore and department stores fall short most of the time, and they do not always have a shade to match your skintone. So how do you make scars invisible?
Introducing Microskin, a liquid cosmetic that is one of a kind. It is a unique formula that is opaque enough to hide scars, yet is breathable and lightweight where it doesn’t feel nor look like you have anything on. Microskin is much more of a second skin than a makeup.
Having a perfect shade match to conceal scars is key. Microskin is a completely unique and custom makeup. Upon your consultation, a technician painlessly scans the unscarred skin to get your exact skintone. We then blend and create a liquid makeup for you to use. It seamlessly covers scars and also allows them to breathe and heal.
Applying Microskin to camouflage scars is easy. There is the stippling and airbrushing techniques. The stippling technique is ideal for smaller scars, and Microskin is applied with a small stippling brush. The airbrushing technique works perfectly with larger areas of the body, and Microskin is lightly misted onto the scarred areas using an airbrushing machine we provide for you.
Once applied, your new second skin is basically budgeproof, and will last anywhere from a few days to an entire week. The duration depends upon how many oils are produced on the area, so the drier the area, the more long-lasting it is. Microskin is waterproof and sweatproof as well, so feel free to exercise and shower. The only way to effectively remove Microskin is a special remover we give to you, giving you the most flexible makeup to hide scars.
Microskin has New York and California based offices, so drop in and see us or e-mail us with any inquiries.

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