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Getting the career of your dreams is exciting and a personal accomplishment, but what if you have tattoos that prevent you from getting such an opportunity? Microskin is here to help you cover tattoos for work.
Breathable, lightweight, and completely opaque, Microskin is a liquid cosmetic. It isn’t a cosmetic, we liken it to a second skin. You cannot even tell there is product on your skin.
To get the perfect shade to cover tattoos, Microskin technicians scan your non-marked skin upon your first visit. We then custom blend your very own Microskin cosmetic to take home. It is 100% a unique and personal cosmetic.
Applying your new second skin is a breeze. You can use the stippling method for smaller areas, in which you use a brush to stipple on the product. Or you can use the airbrush technique, ideal for larger tattoos, where you lightly spray the Microskin onto your body with an airbrushing machine given to you upon purchase.
Depending on where the tattoo is, Microskin can conceal tattoos for up to a week. It is sweatproof, budgeproof, and waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it transferring. The only way to remove Microskin during that time frame is a special oil based remover, which we provide for you.
Microskin has two locations, based in Los Angeles and New York. Call us or e-mail us at either location to set up your consultation now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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