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Microskin’s Burn Cover Up Now Available In Generic Colors

By June 18, 2014No Comments
burn cover up

Microskin for burn cover up – After. See our “Before & After” tab for more photos

Due to popular demand, we’ve opened our own eCommerce store that sells generic versions of product. You can find the Microskin eCommerce store by clicking here.
If you are unable to come in and receive a custom color formula, we now offer the option of having clients purchase one of our generic colors that closely match your skin tone. These starter kits come with everything you need to apply Microskin right out of the box, including the removing serum.
Our starter kit includes:
2 ounce bottle of a sample of Microskin. Choose a sample color from one of our Color Charts. Chart A is for Birthmarks, Hyperpigmention, Scarring and Tattoos. Chart B is for Vitiligo and Depigmentation.
Removing Serum
Microseal Powder
An application dish
A Stipple Sponge
A Microseal Powder applicator
This powerful starter pack will help you cover up burns right away. Remember, Microskin is completely waterproof and lasts for days. On skin that has experienced a burn, it lasts even longer since there is less oil present on the surface of the skin. It’s the most cost effective burn cover up makeup that matches your own natural skin tone.
We also recommend that you come in to a Microskin clinic after trying our starter kit so we can create an exact match tone to match your skin’s colors. You only need to visit on clinic once and we save your skin tone. When it’s time to reorder, we already know exactly what color product you need. It’s very simple and easy.

Additional Information – Microskin & Burns

Please refer to the University of Maryland’s Medical Center for a comprehensive guide on burns, burn treatment and burn care. Generally, Microskin is an effective burn cover up for most first and second degree burns and some third degree burns. Give us a call or send us a picture for a free consultation.
In addition to applying Microskin to burns, we suggest following the herbal & dietary information outlined in the University of Maryland’s Medical Center guide for burns. For example, consuming and applying aloe vera to burned areas of skin may be beneficial. Also, consuming supplements such as fish oil and L-Glutamine may be beneficial. As always, consult a medical professional before using herbs or dietary supplements to treat burns.
Microskin’s burn cover up makeup helps thousands of patients restore confidence in themselves by helping to hide burns. We have the highest success rate in the industry and our product is highly esteemed and has been featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz and The Doctors.
If you have any questions about which chart or color to order, give us a call or send us an email to

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