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Scar Cover Up Makeup – Microskin Starter Kit Available Now

By June 18, 2014No Comments

We’ve worked hard and listened to our customer’s feedback. Thus, we’ve developed Microskin Starter Kits that are designed to help you begin covering up scars right now. Now you have the best scar cover up makeup available to you through our eCommerce store.
We’ve given our customers the ability to buy generic colors they can use to begin covering small, medium and large scars. Our entry level starter kit includes a stipple brush that is ideal for covering up smaller scars. However, if you need to cover a larger area, then inquire about purchasing an airbrush applicator.
Microskin is referred to as a “second skin” because it’s designed to look and feel like your own body’s skin. It applies easily and doesn’t look like a traditional makeup. Instead, it has a look and feel unique to itself.
As always, Microskin’s product is waterproof and won’t rub off easy. It’s perfect to covering all skin conditions and types, especially scars. It’s best to come to our offices and allow our technicians to develop a custom color solution for you after you try our starter kit, however, it is not required.
We love to hear our customer’s success stories. Please feel free to contact us, send us pictures or even an email. We love what we do and we love hearing how our product helps!

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