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Whether you got bigger or smaller, stretch marks are inevitable, and can happen anywhere on the body. If you want to hide the stretch marks using body makeup, Microskin is here to help. Unlike most conventional makeup that streaks when water hits it or rubbing off on clothes, Microskin will stay put, making it the best body makeup to cover stretch marks. Microskin is also unique in the fact that it is custom blended for your exact skintone.
When you request a consultation, a trained technician takes a scan of your healthy skin (skin without the stretch marks). Afterward, your unique liquid cosmetic is made. The preciseness of the color helps in totally covering stretch marks. We will also help decide which method of application is best for you. There is the airbrush application, in which you use an airbrush machine to finely mist your skin with Microskin. This is ideal for larger areas of the body, or bigger stretch marks. Then there is the stippling application, in which you dab Microskin on with a stippling sponge. The stippling method is so precise, which makes it perfect for smaller stretch marks, or stretch marks on smaller portions of the body.
Once applied, Microskin is on as long as you desire it. Microskin is waterproof and sweatproof, another reason why Microskin is the best body makeup to cover stretch marks. Feel free to go to the beach or pool, because you can swim, shower or exercise at free will with this on. It is also rub-resistant, so Microskin will not come off on fabrics, couches, clothes or other people. Microskin can last as long as a week on drier areas of the skin, and you can remove it with our special alcohol-based cleanser that we provide for you upon the purchase of Microskin.
Stretch marks can be embarrassing for any number of reasons. However, they are relatively easy to cover up because they don’t result in deep scarring of the skin. Stretch marks usually result from pregnancy, rapid weight loss, or rapid weight gain. No matter how you’ve come to acquire them, we can help you cover stretch marks almost instantly. It would be best to come into one of our centers to have your skin tone precisely matched so we can begin the process.
These marks are usually prevalent around the belly area, especially if they result from pregnancy. Our clients commonly want to get rid of their stretch marks because they’d like to enjoy the beach, outdoors, or other outdoor activities. You don’t have to be embarrassed – we’ve helped thousands of people cover these marks with our product.
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