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Suffering from vitiligo can be very difficult and challenging. Whether you have minimal vitiligo or vitiligo everywhere, you will probably want a heavy duty cosmetic to try and cover up your vitiligo. Finding the right product can be very difficult but Microskin promises to hide your vitiligo completely.
What Microskin does is that they take a sample of the color of your healthy normal skin and make an exact replica of it for the cosmetic. Once the cosmetic is made, it can be applied in one of two ways. One being with a stippling brush, which is ideal for smaller areas. And then there is the airbrush technique which you use an airbrush machine to spray Microskin all over and you get a flawless application for larger areas. Microscan look so perfect that it actually looks like a second skin. How to hide vitiligo has never been easier. If you are worried that such a pigmented product is heavy, no fear. Microskin is very light feeling, and you can barely tell you have it on. It is a cosmetic that actually allows your skin to breathe. It just looks like your skin, but only better.
Another positive about Microskin is that with full coverage comes a long-lasting results. Microskin promises to last on your skin from anywhere up to a few days to up as long as a week. it really just depends on the skins texture and how much oil is produced on the area. Microskin can conceal your vitiligo for days. This allows for less reapplication and less product wasted. It is also sweat proof, waterproof and budge-proof. Microskin cannot be transferred onto clothes or fabric.
You can learn more about vitiligo from this additional resource on cosmetic camouflages for vitiligo.

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