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When you want to get rid of scarring, burns, vitiligo, or tattoos that you don’t want to see, finding something that won’t rub off on clothes or fabrics is rare. Microskin, a liquid long-wearing cosmetic that conceals, will not come off, even with friction. The only way to get off Microskin is with our specially made, alcohol-based remover. Microskin is specially made so it can cover up any skin condition you might have. This includes burns, scars, vitiligo, tattoo cover-up, stretch marks, or the like. You can see our television commercial here:

Microskin is a liquid make up that conceals and doesn’t wipe off! Applying the individualized product is super easy as well. You either do it in a stippling method or an airbrush method, both of which we will show you and decide what is best for you at your consultation. The beauty about this product is that you can shower, swim, exercise, do whatever you want. Microskin isn’t getting go anywhere until you want to wipe it off with our alcohol based remover. Whatever you are trying to cover up, we can custom make it so that it perfectly matches your skin. Finally, a cosmetic that conceals and doesn’t wipe off. You can email us or call us to set up your consultation. Please feel free to check out our before and after photos as well.
We do this by custom-making the cosmetic to go over your skin condition. When applied, you’re no longer be able see it because it is opaque and because it is a perfect match. Microskin expertly and easily conceals with makeup. The make up ideally last for a few days or up to a whole week. Usually the week is if you have the dryer skin texture, it’ll last longer and cling on to your skin better. The final product is smooth, beautiful, unblemished skin, so much so we call Microskin a second skin of sorts.

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