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For going to a special event, like a wedding, you may not be so keen on showing off all your tattoos! Or perhaps they were gotten so long ago you don’t even like them anymore. You are now searching for a temporary tattoo makeup, so you can show and hide them at will. Microskin can help. It is a lightweight, heavy-duty cosmetic, that can be taken off at your choosing.
The beauty about Microskin is although it can last a very long duration, it can easily be taken off! You may take if off with our alcohol-based cleanser, which Microskin will provide for you. You cannot remove Microskin with any normal soap or water. A great thing is that Microskin is waterproof as well, so regardless if you are sweating or getting caught in the rain, your tattoo will be fully covered. Also, if you are wearing clothes or getting close to people, Microskin will NOT rub off on clothes or loved ones. Many temporary tattoo makeup will do this, but Microskin is extra-durable.
To conceal a large tattoo, you may want to try out airbrushing technique, as it is designed to work with larger areas! For hiding smaller tattoos, you can use our stippling method, in which you apply Microskin with a brush. The result is a flawless canvas, it looks natural, and it looks like you pre-tattoos! It looks like a second skin, unmarked and beautiful.
To see Microskin in action, please visit our Before and After section! You will be amazed at how well Microskin covers. Call us or e-mail us with any inquires, or to set up your consultation today.

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