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Endurance in a makeup is highly important. Who wants to be worried about if their foundation is running or coming off all the time? Would’t it be great if you could apply a foundation in the morning, and not have to worry about it at all? Microskin can do that for you. Not only is it the best foundation that doesn’t rub off, it is also a custom product.
Microscan is rub-resistant. You cannot get this on fabrics, clothes, or other people! This long-wearing foundation is one of a kind. You can perspire in this and exercise freely. Completely waterproof, it is a great alternative to commonplace foundation, where it would run if you get caught in the rain or swim. You can even shower with this on you. It lasts for a few days, or up to a week on less oily parts of the body. This stays on regardless. The only way to efficiently get this foundation that won’t rub off is with an alcohol-based remover that we provide you. For being such a pigmented and long-lasting foundation, it is feather light on the skin. It will not clog your pores.
The custom part about Microskin is that is matches your exact skin tone. No more searching for your perfect shade or getting the wrong skin match. At your consultation, we scan your skin tone and make a liquid cosmetic catered to you. A lot of long-lasting foundations can look heavy and noticeable on the skin. Not Microskin. It looks so natural, we call it a “second skin”. To apply your new skin, you use either a stippling brush (best for smaller areas) or an airbrush machine (ideal for larger parts.) The best foundation that won’t rub off is here at Microskin! Book your consultation today.

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