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Camouflaging the entire body with run-of-the mill makeup can present a challenge. From application, to exact skin color matches, normal makeup doesn’t cut it. However, we here at Microskin have just the whole body makeup for you! The ease of application, to the perfect shade match, we got you covered!
The way we perfectly match you here at Microskin is we scan your normal skin tone, and create a custom liquid makeup just for you. The positive to this is that there will be no distinguishable start or finish from your real skin to the Microskin. Microskin is the best whole body makeup because it looks like your skin. So much so, we call it a second skin of sorts. It does not look dense or cake-y, just beautiful and healthy skin.
An advantage of Microskin as whole body makeup is the ease of application. Most makeup you would have to strategically place and put on, and it could seem to take forever! You can use a simple airbrushing device to spray the entire body with Microskin. This airbrushing device makes applying Microskin fast and easy, with great results. During your consultation, we will show you just how to use the airbrush technique so you can get flawless looking skin. Microskin is a long-wearing, full body makeup as well. Sweat-resistant and waterproof, you can actively exercise, swim or even shower in this “second skin”! Microskin will not rub off either. An alcohol-based remover we provide for you is the only way to get it off.
Check out us demonstrating how Microskin is waterproof on our YouTube Channel:

Microskin has offices in New York, NY and Pasadena, CA, so please stop in and set up a consultation now to get your entire body makeup. If you have any questions or inquiries, e-mail us or call us!

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