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Scarring can come from all sorts of things: injuries, accidents, perhaps even acne! If the scarring is severe and visible, and you would like to get rid of it, Microskin is here to assist you. A highly pigmented liquid cosmetic, Microskin can completely cover up your scars, all while looking completely non-suspicious. Microskin prides itself on being an individualized cosmetics company, and we will help you look amazing and conceal your scars!
We can match your skin tone exactly by scanning the pigment of your non-scarred skin. This scan is painless and completely non-invasive! After we scan you, Microskin experts can make you a cosmetic that will completely hide your scars! Once we custom-make you your Microskin, we will show you how to apply it. There are two methods to apply Microskin. One method is the stippling method, in which you apply the cosmetic with a small stippling brush. This is ideal for smaller regions. The airbrush method is ideal for larger parts, and you use this by spraying the makeup on with an airbrush machine. Both give an opaque coverage, and no scars will peek through!
Once Microskin is applied, it will not go anywhere! Your simulated “second skin” will not budge. It cannot be rubbed off, or even come off with water. In being so waterproof, you can even shower with Microskin on, making it ideal in covering scars! Normal soap will not take the makeup off, you will need to use our own brand of Microskin remover in order to do that. In being such an enduring product, you would never think it would be lightweight! But Microskin is breathable, and does not clog pores, truly making it the best way to cover scars!
We have two convenient locations: one is in New York, NY and the other is in Pasadena, CA. Please come in, or give us a call to inquire.

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