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The ability to let a burn breathe underneath makeup is very key in aiding it’s healing process. Most makeup to conceal burns are very thick, heavy, and clog up pores. Microskin is very different however. Microskin, while being full coverage make up, is a very breathable and lightweight cosmetic to cover burns. Effective burn covering makeup is very hard to find. Luckily Microskin makes it accessible and easy to use.
You use Microskin in either one or two ways to cover up burns. You use it in the stippling method, which is with a stippling brush which is for smaller burns. Or the airbrush technique, which is for a larger area with larger burns on it. Both methods of applying Microskin give you a smooth and easy transition from the burned skin to the beginning of your non-affected skin. That transition won’t be too hard, considering Microskin uses individualized techniques to make the makeup custom for you. The custom blended makeup matches your healthy normal skintone exactly, so when it is applied over the burned area there is no sign of the burn.
Another major plus about Microskin is also the fact that it is completely waterproof. Given that burns are dryer in texture, Microskin can last on your skin from anywhere up to a week without reapplication. The only way it can come off is with the special Microskin remover that we give you when you purchased the cosmetic. Did you know it is not just waterproof, but sweatproof as well? So you can be active and perspire all you want and not have to worry about your burns peeking through. It also won’t come off on your clothes or other people, so no need to worry when you hug someone you love.
Please see the below video for a brief demonstration of how easily Microskin applies. Your case may be different, but we generally recommend using the air brush method to cover larger areas of burned skin:

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