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Covering up scars with makeup can be tricky, but Microskin is here to help. Gone are the days of struggling to color match your scar to most makeup, and never finding the appropriate color. We here at Microskin are empathetic and understand the hastle in buying makeup to cover scars. During your consultation at Microskin, we precisely custom-make your makeup. Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that hides all of your scarring perfectly. Buying makeup to cover scars has never been more customized and personal.


We get your skin-tone so perfectly matched because we actually individually make your Microskin just for you. By replicating your skin tone, you get a flawless finish with no jagged edges, or harsh and obvious lines. Microskin can be used to cover up scars in two ways; if it is a smaller area you need to use a stipple brush, and if it is a larger area we recommend you use Microskin with the airbrush machine.  All of this will be discussed and reviewed in your consultation however, so no need to fret.


Once you get Microskin on it is very difficult to get off. The only way to get it off is with our specially designed alcohol-based remover should you want to remove it before it naturally fades. That means you can swim, shower, perspire, and have your skin rub on clothes all you want. Depending on the area where the scar is, Microskin could last from up to a few days to up to a week. Usually the week is with dry skin types or dryer skin conditions. If you feel the need to reapply, all you need is a bit of product and you are good to go. We refer to Microskin as a truly second skin, because it looks and feels just like normal skin would. Nobody has to know you are hiding scars!

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