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When it comes to covering up vitiligo, Microskin can help out in a number of different ways. The secret to Microskin all begins with the fact that, upon your initial consultation, your skin will be scanned by a special machine that allows for an exact color match to be made. Once this color match is achieved, then Microskin can be specifically and specially created to cover the areas of vitiligo on your skin with a shade of color that is exactly like your healthy skin.

How Can I Cover Vitiligo With Microskin?

You can cover vitiligo on your skin with one of two different application methods offered by Microskin. The first method available is what is known as the stipple brush method and sounds exactly like its name sounds and implies; you can use a special stipple brush that we will supply you with in order to apply the Microskin yourself to the areas in which you need it to hide vitiligo the most. The second method offered is the airbrush method. By using a special compressor that we will also supply you with as part of the package, you can apply Microskin in a more advanced way to help conceal and cover up vitiligo. If all of this sounds a little too overwhelming at first glance, you don’t have to worry, since a skilled Microskin technician will help educate you in the most effective ways to apply Microskin to your skin as part of your purchase.

What Can I Use To Cover Vitiligo?

Microskin by itself is an all-in-one complete solution for being able to mask and camouflage vitiligo. You can use Microskin in the following ways:

– To cover vitiligo on the Face
– To cover vitiligo on the Head
– To cover vitiligo on Hands
– To cover vitiligo on Legs
– To cover vitiligo on the Torso
– To cover vitiligo on Feet

And just about any other area within good reason. You can also visit our Contact Page and E-Mail us a photo of your vitiligo and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions that you might have. You can also find our phone number on that page in-case you’d prefer to call us instead.

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