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Tattoo removal can be frightening. The pain is worse than actually getting the tattoo originally, and sometimes it doesn’t even get all of the pigment out of the epidermis. On top of all that, the price is just as frightening as the procedure. Do you have a tattoo you regret and cannot stand much longer, but don’t have the resources or pain tolerance to get it removed?

Microskin is here to help. Gone are the days of being embarrassed by your tattoo. If you set up a Microskin consultation, we will custom blend and custom make for you a high-pigment liquid in which you can cover all of your tattoos. A painless and cheap way to cover your tattoos. If you only want to cover your tattoos for a day or up to a week, Microskin can accommodate. For a larger piece, you would need the airbrush machine. It was flawlessly covers any and all color and pigment in your tattoo. For a smaller tattoo, you could just cover up tattoos use the stippling method which is used by a stippling brush. Either way you get a seamless transition from your skin to the tattooed skin, all while using makeup to conceal tattoos.

See our before and after images:

Tattoo Before Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo Before Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo After Microskin Is Applied

Tattoo After Microskin Is Applied

The length of how long Microskin lasts on you is completely dependent upon you, the customer. If you would like it only for a special occasion, you can remove it with our cleanser that is alcohol-based. If you would like it on for a more lengthy period of time, not to worry. Microskin can last up to a week and it is waterproof, sweat proof, and it will not rub off on clothes or other people. Microskin is an affordable and cheap way to cover up tattoos, as well as a painless option as opposed to tattoo removal. Hiding your tattoo with makeup has never been easier.

We have nothing to hide. Check out Microskin covering a tattoo in “real” time:

You can also see our latest “Before & After” picture of Microskin covering a tattoo here:


Microskin “Before & After” Tattoo Cover Up

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