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Covering up burns can be tricky. A key feature of letting burns heal is air exposure, and letting it breathe. You are stuck at a Catch-22; either you can cover up and delay healing time, or not conceal burns but desire it. With Microskin, a medical grade makeup, you don’t have to choose. Heavy-duty coverage, yet lightweight feel, let’s your burns breathe and heal. It is not a treatment to cure burns, yet a great option to let them heal while fully masking them on any part of the body.

How Can You Cover Burns?

Let us first discuss how Microskin can cover up burns. Your healthy skin tone is duplicated into a highly pigmented liquid cosmetic by a trained and skilled Microskin technician. After your individualized cosmetic is made, it is then applied using a stippling brush for smaller areas or an airbrush machine for larger ones. Microskin delivers an immaculate canvas, with no jagged transition from your normal skin to the burned areas. A lot of makeup can look cake-y and clog up pores, but not Microskin. While fully concealing your burns, Microskin lets your skin breathe. Bombarding burnt skin with a dense makeup is not ideal, thankfully Microskin is a feather-light makeup to cover burns. Waterproof as well, Microskin can only be taken off by a specially designed, alcohol-based remover. It cannot be rubbed off by clothes, friction, or other cleansers. That is how long-lasting Microskin truly is.

On top of being so light, re-application of it is very minimal. Since burns tend to be drier and have little to no oil production, Microskin can last on the skin for as long as a week without re-touching. Concealing burns has never been easier with the use of Microskin. Contact us for a consultation today!

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