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How to Camouflage Using Microskin As Your Concealer

By January 18, 2013No Comments

Most cosmetics out there are designed for normal skin, but what if you have problematic skin? Regardless if you have rosacea, vitiligo, eczema, burns or any skin condition, you may think it is hopeless to find a camouflage concealer. A liquid, lightweight cosmetic known as Microskin can cover any and all skin issue you may have.

Microskin is a heavy-duty concealing cosmetic. It covers with great opacity, yet looks natural and as if you do not have anything on but skin. We like to call Microskin a “second skin” of sorts, because of how seamlessly it blends and camouflages. While Microskin will completely cover up any problem you have, it is is also breathable and lightweight, allowing the unhealthy skin to breathe and not get clogged up.

Upon a consultation, we will scan your healthy skin and get an accurate picture of your skintone. A Microskin technician then custom blends the liquid cosmetic for you. It is an individualized makeup that is an exact match to you. This is why Microskin can conceal any skin issue, big or small. Applying Microskin, you use either the stippling method or the airbrush method. The stippling method is ideal for smaller skin conditions or smaller areas of the body, whereas the airbrush method is great for the larger areas or more severe skin conditions. With the stippling method, you use a stippling sponge to dab Microskin on. The airbrush method you use an airbrush machine to spray the makeup on.

Long-lasting and unique, Microskin also excels in durability. Microskin is waterproof, sweatproof, and budgeproof. You can act and do all your normal activities while wearing your second skin without fear of it going anywhere. This camouflage concealer won’t come off while exercising, showering, etc,.

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