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Having scars is never easy to deal with, but finding a product that will truly cover boil scars is rare to find. Boils pop, drain, and leave alot of damaged tissue behind that results in a scar. Usually this damage is hard to conceal. Luckily, we here at Microskin have the product that will make boil scars vanish!

With concealing boil scars, a very important feature is to be able to let it breathe and heal properly. Microskin, a lightweight cosmetic product, allows your scar to get some air all while completely covering it up. Lightweight in feel, Microskin offers heavy duty coverage. The cosmetic is custom blended to your skin tone and whatever undertone the scar may have. This results in an individual Microskin product, specifically designed for you. This customized approach Microskin offers lets the boil scar be concealed completely. Microskin looks natural, so much so we liken it to a “second skin”.

Microskin applies in two ways to help hide boil scars, depending on the severity and how large the scar area is. For smaller boil scars, the stippling method will be used. You use a small stippling brush to conceal the area. If you have a larger area, Microskin would be best applied using the airbrush technique. The product gets used with an airbrush, and will precisely hide the larger scar easily. Either way, you will be successful in getting rid of boil scars by covering them up successfully. Once Microskin is on, it can last anywhere from a few days to up to a whole week. The time depends on how many oils are produced on the area of the skin it is applied. Waterproof and durable, the only way you can wash off Microskin is with a specially designed alcohol-based remover we provide you with.

We invite you to please contact us with any questions or inquiries! You can come to one of our offices, located in New York, New York and Pasadena, CA, or e-mail Microskin using the inquiry box. We look forward to helping you!

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