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How to Cover Up Skin Conditions With Microskin – A Guide

By December 2, 2012No Comments

When figuring out how to cover up skin conditions, the main concern is the product you use. There are so many options out there, but when you are dealing with a really serious skin condition such as vitiligo or burns, lots of cosmetics fall short. Microskin is unlike many concealing cosmetics because it is long-wearing, durable and customizable.


Microskin is much like a simulated second skin. This second skin is breathable and will move with you. It can for a few days or last up to a week. On drier areas (less oil production) it can last up to a week without re-application. Microskin is waterproof and sweatproof. With your “second skin”, you can shower and exercise without concern. Rub-resistant as well, it won’t rub off on fabrics other people.


Microskin is an individual product as well. Unlike many cosmetics, we do not offer a range of skin tones, but we create a tone for you specifically based off of your own natural skin. At consultation, we take a scan of the healthy skin you have and blend your personalized liquid cosmetic for you. This preciseness of a color match lets Microskin cover up skin conditions, big or small. You can apply Microskin in one of two ways. There is the airbrush technique, which is great for a larger skin issue, or a larger region of the body. You spray Microskin using an airbrush machine which we give to you. Then there is the stippling technique, which is ideal for smaller areas of the body, or smaller skin conditions. This method is very precise. Using a stippling sponge, you dab on the camouflage cosmetic.


In using makeup to cover up skin conditions, Microskin has you completely covered. Please take a look at our Before and After gallery, and call or e-mail us for a consultation today.

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