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Facial burns can be embarrassing and hinder you from doing a lot. Many department and drugstore brands are simply not strong enough to do the trick. Microskin is a different form of cosmetic, ideal for helping you to hide burns on your face.

Microskin is a lightweight liquid cosmetic; opaque enough to hide any burns yet lets your skin breathe. Being completely customizable, we shade match you upon your visit to our office. We scan your healthy skin in order to get your exact skin tone, and we present you with your very own Microskin shade.

To apply Microskin, you can use one of two methods. The first is the stippling method, where you use a stippling brush to apply the liquid cosmetic. The second, the airbrush technique, is ideal for larger areas of the body, where you use an airbrush machine to spray Microskin on.

Microskin is ideal for burns due to the fact it is sweatproof and waterproof. The drier the area, the less likely you are going to have to reapply the product. Burns are typically very dry, and Microskin can camouflage burns for up to a week.

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