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That tattoo you got 10 years ago probably looked great then, but now, maybe you’re thinking that you might want that tattoo covered up? Or maybe you are going to a special event where you are not 100% comfortable showing off your vibrant ink? And now you are looking for ways on how to make your tattoos disappear? Either way, Microskin is the solution for you! Rich in pigment, Microskin is custom-blended to hide your tattoos, whatever color or size it is! Despite your skin color or tattoo color, Microskin will make the cosmetic unique to you. That is one of the many things that makes Microskin so special; it is designed to fit whatever your particular needs may be by precisely matching your skin tone to the product.

How to Make Your Tattoos Disappear

Not to fear either, as Microskin will not rub off on any clothes/linen products that you might be wearing! Microskin is budge-proof and waterproof, acting like a second skin but without all of the art on your body. Microskin can make tattoos disappear, whether they be big or small. It is used in two different ways:

1. The stipple technique, which is ideal for smaller tattoos. You would use a sponge to apply the cosmetic, and build up to desired coverage.


2. The airbrushing technique, which is ideal for making larger tattoos disappear. In this, you would use an airbrush to apply the fast-drying Microskin finely to a larger area of the skin.

Easy, right? Microskin is not a makeup, it is much more like a second skin. There is no evidence the cosmetic is even on you. Camouflaging tattoos has never been easier. Microskin is so comfortable and lightweight, you might forget you even have it on. It can last for only the day/night if you prefer, or even days! We give you an alcohol-based removal cleaner so you can decide how long you’d like to hide your tattoos for. Please take a look at our before and after gallery, and contact Microskin if you have any inquires.

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