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Body scars can be a hassle to cover up. Finding a good body makeup to cover scars is a hard search because lots of cosmetics rub off, streak and the color certainly won’t be a perfect match. Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, is here to change that.

Microskin is the best body makeup to cover scars because of how accurate the color match is. A trained technician scans your healthy, unscarred skin to get a precise color. The technician then blends you a custom body makeup that suits your skintone perfectly. This is highly important because if the cosmetic you are using is even slightly off in tone, it will not hide your scars properly. But Microskin is exact, and flawlessly conceals scars.

Applying the body makeup is easy. There is one of two ways Microskin can be applied. The first is the stippling method. This is ideal for smaller body scars, and Microskin is applied using a small stippling sponge to the affected area. Then there is the airbrushing technique, in which you use an airbrush machine to apply the cosmetic. This is perfect for larger areas of the body. Once applied using either technique, Microskin does not budge. It will not come off if it comes into contact with clothes, fabric or other people. Microskin is also waterproof and sweat-proof, so you can shower and exercise! The cosmetic being waterproof aides in the makeup looking fresh, never streaky or obvious looking. Microskin can last as long as a week, and you can remove it any time you want by using our special alcohol-based makeup remover.

Please view our before and after gallery and see for yourself! Call us or e-mail us to set up your consultation, we look forward to helping you.

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