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Scarring on the body can be a burden. Trying to cover it up with clothes or makeup from a drugstore is pointless. The drugstore makeup will wear off and depending on the season you are in, clothes will not always cover up your scars. So where does that leave you? Microskin is here to help. Microskin is a liquid cosmetic that is just the perfect body makeup for scars.

Applying Microskin to the body is a breeze. You can apply it to conceal body scars in one of two ways. There is the airbrushing technique, which is ideal if you have many scars on a large area of the body. The airbrush tool sprays out a fine mist of Microskin onto the affected areas. There is the other option, which is called the stippling technique. You blot on Microskin with a stippling sponge onto the burned areas. The stippling method is great if you are trying to use the body makeup for scars on a smaller area of the body.

Microskin is a great coverup for body scars because of the endurance as well. Microskin can last on the body for a few days or up to a whole week. This is due to the fact that Microskin is sweatproof and waterproof, so you can exercise, swim or bathe with the product on and it will still look good. To completely remove Microskin, you must use our alcohol-based cleanser which we provide for you. When out and about, you do not need to worry about getting your body makeup everywhere or on others. Microskin is also rub-resistant, so it will not transfer onto clothes or other fabrics you might encounter.

Call us for a consultation now, and see what this body makeup for scars can really do.

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