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Vitiligo is tough to deal with, and even harder to conceal. Microskin is however the leading cosmetic in covering up vitiligo. The condition on legs presents a problem during the warmer months. Shorts and beach are mandatory during the summer, and you would most likely want to cover up vitiligo on legs during this time of year. With Microskin’s help, you can wear shorts, bathing suits, and even swim without worrying.


Microskin is not a cure or medical treatment for vitiligo. It is more of a flawless liquid cosmetic that can help you hide vitiligo on your legs while you get medical treatment for the condition. Once you set up a Microskin consultation, a qualified technician performs a non-invasive, painless procedure on a bit of healthy skin. We do this so we can precisely match your makeup and make it custom. Individualized products is of great importance, so your “second skin” goes on top of your real one smoothly. We call it a “second skin” because once applied, it looks seamless. Once the consultation is done, we then decide on an appropriate course of how to apply it and get you ready for perfect looking legs.

Cover Up Vitiligo On Legs

There is either the stippling way, which is ideal for smaller areas of vitiligo and uses a brush. But for larger, more affected areas, there is the airbrush technique, which uses an airbrush machine to spray you with the Microskin, the best makeup for vitiligo. It is perfect to cover up vitiligo on legs because whether you are in water, sweating, doing activities or just wearing pants that rub against your leg, Microskin is not budging!

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