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Camouflaging vitiligo is a serious task. A cosmetic would need high concentration in pigment, a way to customize the shade to mask the vitiligo, and a long-wearing capability. This is something that Microskin can do. Microskin is the leader in addressing skin issues, and is the best way to camouflage vitiligo. Microskin is customizable, and we make the cosmetic especially for you.

The Best Way to Camouflage Vitiligo

The process begins with a trained Microskin technician taking a scan of your healthy skin. No worries, as this does not hurt and is not invasive. We just need to get your exact skin tone coloring. Once we get this, we can begin personalizing your very own liquid cosmetic. Microskin promises and delivers on being high-coverage, it will cover all of the vitiligo you may have. To apply it, you will probably want to use the airbrushing machine if you have larger areas of concealing vitiligo. If you only have a smattering of it, the stippling brush will work just fine. During the consultation we will decide what is an appropriate way of hiding vitiligo for you.


Just as heavy-duty as the coverage, so is the staying power. Microskin can last on your skin for a few days to up to a whole week without re-application. You are able to go about daily activities such as showering and exercising too. Why? Microskin is also totally waterproof. The only way to really remove Microskin is by our special remover we provide you with. Breathable as well, Microskin aides you in getting rid of vitligo aesthetically all while you seek medical treatment for it. It does not clog up pores, and is very light on the skin. It looks and acts like a second skin! Microskin does not give the appearance of a thick makeup, it looks very real and not heavy.

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