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Red, dry and painful, burns are uncomfortable to have. Especially when you are trying to cover them up, many problems can arise. However, Microskin is amazing at hiding burns. Microskin is so very delicate, it is a breathable yet densely pigmented cosmetic, it is truly the best way to cover burns.


The key element in covering burns is not to smother them and deny them oxygen. Healing time is needed for burns, and many cosmetics lack that breath-ability. Microskin does not. We let your burns receive the oxygen they require, all while completely covering them up aesthetically. To achieve the appropriate color for you, we scan the normal skin and conjure you up your very own makeup! The coverage you receive to cover up burns is unlike anything else! Visit our Before and After section to have a look at how well Microskin can cover up nearly any skin issue, and is ideal for concealing burns.


To apply the makeup you can do it in one of two ways. For a larger region of the body, you can use the airbrushing technique in which you use an airbrush to apply the Microskin to your skin. The stippling technique is better suited for a smaller scar or portion of the body, and you use a brush to apply the cosmetic. There is no need for constant re-application either. Microskin is a durable cosmetic, which on burns typically lasts up to a week! That is due to the lack of oil present in a burn. You can bathe normally with Microskin on, and it will not get fussed with or look streaky. Totally waterproof, and it cannot be transferred onto clothes or fabrics either. Glowing looking skin for days awaits you when you purchase Microskin.

Take a look at our before and after photos:



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