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Most men are very hesitant to use any sort of make up or cover up on their skin in order to hide their vitiligo. This is one of the most common concerns we experience at the Microskin clinic.

The truth behind Microskin is that it isn’t exactly a “traditional” make up. Rather, it works as a sort of second skin that is applied to the skin where vitiligo is visible. Unlike traditional makeup, Microskin doesn’t fade for at least a few days and can be removed with a special solution that we provide.

You definitely shouldn’t feel hesitant to give Microskin a shot if you are a male; once applied, Microskin is virtually flawless and is difficult to see with the naked eye since we are able to formulate it to precisely match your skin color and tone.

Check out some of our Before and After photos and videos here:

If you don’t trust the photos, then you’ll want to watch our videos where we demonstrate how the product works to cover up vitiligo for men in real time without any editing.

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