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Microskin’s Makeup For Vitiligo Now Available Online

microskin vitiligo makeup starter kit

Click Here to Grab Microskin’s Vitiligo Makeup Starter Kit and Instantly Cover Your Vitiligo Today

Microskin now offers our “second skin” product for sale online through our eCommerce store. You can select a color that closely matches your own skin tone. We’ll create the color and send you a start kit. The starter kit includes every item you need to begin applying your Microskin right away. Click the image to your left to view our Custom Starter Kit.

The starter kit with stipple brush is ideal for applying Microskin to smaller areas of vitiligo. If you need makeup for vitiligo to cover larger areas, we recommend purchasing the airbrush or coming in for a custom color and training session with one of our trained and certified Microskin technicians.

We’re excited to offer these starter kits. Our mission and goal is to help as many people as people cover their vitiligo in a safe and affordable way. No other product is waterproof or doesn’t rub off, that’s why Microskin is the best makeup for vitiligo. We also know that Microskin applies to the skin perfectly and virtually corrects any difference in pigmentation once it is applied.

After trying our starter kit, we recommend that you visit our Microskin offices to receive a customized color that is exactly matched to your own skin color. We use a special scanner that identifies your skin tone and allows our technicians to create it perfectly every time. Thus, every time you reorder Microskin you are receiving a product that is a perfect match to your skin color and tone.

You can begin using more advanced methods of covering vitiligo with our airbrush options. While it’s best to come in for airbrush application training, it is possible to get started in your home.

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