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Trying to figure out where to buy vitiligo makeup and cover up doesn’t have to be difficult. Why?

Announcing – Microskin

microskin for vitiligo patients

Click Here to Browse Microskin’s Custom Vitiligo Cover Makeup Starter Kits

Microskin is a “simulated second skin”. We call it a simulated second skin because it is designed to look and appear just like your own skin once it is applied. Microskin works for any skin condition, it also works well for covering up tattoos, scars, birthmarks and burns. If you need to cover something on your skin, for any reason, Microskin will do it.

However, the product is very popular with vitiligo patients. We receive a lot of phone calls daily from patients asking us how and where they can buy vitiligo makeup from us. The answer is simple. We offer Microskin in two ways:

1. You can come directly to one of our offices located in New York City or Pasadena, California. At our offices, we use advanced laser scanning technology to create a precise match color that matches your skin tone. Thus, when you apply Microskin, it will look exactly like your normal, healthy skin tone. At our offices, we offer a consultation. During the consultation, we will create a custom color that matches your skin tone and apply it. We also offer training sessions designed to show you how to best apply Microskin.

2. You can buy one of starter kits online. Click the “Shop” tab at the top of our website and you’ll see it. Our starter kit offers a number of generic colors that will match your skin tone. You can buy this vitiligo cover up from us and apply it on your own. Most people who buy these makeup kits from us love them so much they later choose to visit one of our offices to have us create a custom color for them.

3. Don’t forget to check out our huge before and after section to see the type of results you can expect. Our vitiligo makeup products are designed to match your skin tone and they will, guaranteed.

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