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Finding the best body makeup for vitiligo used to be challenging, until Microskin. Microskin is a highly pigmented, long-lasting makeup to cover vitiligo. Finding the right makeup can be challenging, due to color matching and trying to find a seamless cosmetic to hide body vitiligo. In warmer months, you might be more inclined to wear shorts or shirts, and that may reveal your vitiligo issues.

Here at Microskin, we personalize each shade of makeup to your exact skin tone. A trained Microskin technician first scans your healthy skin in order to get a sample color of your skin. Don’t worry, this scan is non-invasive and painless! After we do that, we are set to custom blend your very own cosmetic! This makeup conceals vitiligo completely, all while looking like your very own skin. We like to call Microskin more of a second skin than a cosmetic. The second skin looks healthy and natural, no trace of makeup or any product left behind. Just unblemished, great skin is left to be seen. Microskin is truly a great body makeup for vitiligo.

To use Microskin to conceal vitiligo with makeup, there is one of two ways. The stippling method, which is ideal for smaller regions of the body with vitiligo. You use a stippling sponge to apply Microskin. Then, there is the airbrush method. You use an airbrush machine to spray the Microskin all over the areas with vitiligo. This is the best option for larger areas, because it is faster to spray the large area than to stipple it.  Microskin dries fast, and once it dries, it is waterproof. You can perspire, shower, even swim in your new second skin. To remove Microskin, you use our special remover that we provide for you.

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