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The best cover up product should be: full-coverage, lightweight, easy to apply, and wears for a lengthy amount of time. Most cover up cosmetics don’t fit that bill… unless you are talking about Microskin. Microskin does all of the above and beyond. Microskin is essentially a liquid second skin. Let me explain.

Microskin is a concealing product that is almost undetectable to the eyes. When you have it on it looks as though you have no cosmetic on, only clear skin. We have perfected this ability by personalizing and mixing your very own kind of Microskin liquid, suited just for your skin tone. When your “second skin” is applied, any trace of your skin condition will vanish. Whether it is rosacea, birthmarks, scarring, vitiligo, dermatitis, burns or even tattoos, Microskin will help to conceal it.

It is a full coverage cosmetic, but that doesn’t mean that it is cakey looking or obvious. Microskin is the only concealing makeup that is thin, yet packs a pigmented punch. It is so light that your skin can actually breathe through it, and not get all stuffed with makeup. You apply this in one of two ways:

  • stippling method: You take a small stippling sponge and apply Microskin to the affected area, typically a smaller place is ideal.
  • airbrush method: Applying Microskin with an airbrush machine to a larger affected area.

Once dried, Microskin is a truly long-lasting makeup. It can stay on the skin from a few days up to an entire week. Scrubbing, water and perspiring will not remove Microskin. To remove it on demand, you need to use the alcohol-based remover we provide for you. So you can shower and swim all you want.  If you are wearing clothes and using Microskin, not to worry either; your second skin will not rub off on any clothes or fabrics.

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