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Microskin, a liquid cosmetic, is known and praised for being long-lasting. But what if you only wanted to cover up a skin condition or tattoo for a night or two? Not to worry! With Microskin, we give you the option as to how long your “second skin” lasts on you for. While it is on you, it is the most full coverage temporary makeup option possible! Whether you are trying to temporarily cover tattoos or a skin issue, Microskin is packing serious coverage for you!


The best way to remove Microskin is by using our alcohol-based remover, which we specially designed. This remover gives you the option of whether Microskin lasts only a day, or up to a week. Microskin gives you the freedom! Many temporary makeup options give semi-sheer coverage, which is not what one looks for usually in concealing a tattoo or vitiligo, for example. Microskin is a great opaque makeup that will expertly match your skintone! We scan the skin, and create your perfect shade. You can apply Microskin as a spray on foundation, with our airbrush machine, or you can stipple it on with a brush! Stippling is best for smaller areas, and the airbrush is ideal for a larger region of the body. Either way, you achieve great looking skin.


A lot of typical temporary cosmetics will also rub off, or dissipate in water. Not Microskin. The product is totally waterproof, so if you are at the beach or in water it will stay on strong. You can perspire wearing it too, whereas most temporary foundations cannot handle that. Microskin will not rub off onto fabric either, so you can feel free to wear your best clothes with this and not worry.


Call us to try Microskin and set up your consultation!

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